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About SimLab Plugin for SketchUp



SimLab plugin for SketchUp is a great multi purpose tool. The plugin adds new Import, Export  capabilities to SketchUp. It also adds customized 3D PDF export features, as well as exporting SketchUp files to iPad.


The plugin adds support for the file formats listed below

File Format Import Export
    3D PDF Yes
    Inventor (*) 2012 Yes  
    SolidWorks(*) 2012   
and prior
    SolidEdge (*) ST4 Yes  
    U3D Yes Yes
    Rhino (*.3dm)  5 Yes  
    3D XML Yes  
    ACIS (*) Yes
    3DS   Yes
   OSG Yes Yes
    STL   Yes
    IPad   Yes
    DirectX (*.x)    Yes

(*) Available only in the Windows version

3D PDF exporter for SketchUp

SimLab SketchUp plugin adds 3D PDF export cabability to SketchUp. Models generated, or modified inside SketchUp, can be exported in 3D PDF format. For more information about 3D PDF from SketchUp, click here.

Advanced Settings in SimLab plugin for SketchUp

Under the Plugins menu in SketchUp under SimLab sub-menu, the Advanced Settings option provides users with the ability to auto scale imported model(s). Auto scalling scales the model to make it appear clearly in the current view. This option is useful when working with a single model.

In case of dealing with multiple models in the scene, this option should be un checked. In this case the user has the option of applying the desired scale on the imported model.

3D PDF importer for SketchUp

With SimLab SketchUp plugin, users can now import 3D PDF files into SketchUp. The imported models can be modified, saved, and they can be exported in any of the formats supported by this plugin.

SolidWorks 2012 importer for SketchUp

SolidWorks 2012 parts and assemblies can be imported into SketchUp, using SimLab SketchUp plugin. For more information about SolidWorks importer to SketchUp, click here.

Inventor importer for SketchUp

SketchUp users can now import and edit Inventor files inside SketchUp, using SimLab SketchUp plugin. The plugin imports Inventor parts, and assemblies (*.ipt, *.iam).

Solid Edge importer for SketchUp

Solid Edge parts and assemblies can be imported into SketchUp, using SimLab plugin for SketchUp .

 OBJ importer for SketchUp

Using SimLab plugin for SketchUp *.obj files can be imported into SketchUp. sers. For more information about SketchUp OBJ importer, click here.

 FBX importer for SketchUp

FBX models can also be imported into SketchUp using this plugin. For more information about FBX importer for SketchUp, click here

 STEP importer for SketchUp

SimLab plugin for SketchUp adds (*.stp, *.step) files import capablities to Google SketchUp. For more information about SketchUp STEP importer, click here.

Exporting form SketchUp

SimLab plugin for SketchUp adds the ability to export SketchUp models different file formats, like (*.ive, *.fbx *.obj, *.dae) in addition to the formats in the table above. 


 Export SketchUp files to iPad

SimLab SketchUp plugin adds iPad export cabability to SketchUp. With this great feature, models generated or modified in SketchUp can now be shared with iPad users. For more information about Export from SketchUp to iPad, click here.

Supported platforms

The plug-in is supported on Sketchup 7 and 8, (32 and 64 bit), on Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to use the plugin?

Installing the plugin adds the sub-menu SimLab under Plugins menu in SketchUp. The plugin is supported on both Windows, and Mac, operating systems. Under SimLab sub-menu users have access to the Import, Export, Render, and other functions available by this plugin.

Requesting a trial license

After installing the plugin, start SketchUp and select SimLab  -> Register from the Plugins menu,  which will open the license dialog.

Click Request License (Full / Evaluation), and fill the needed information. If you do not enter a license key, it means you will get a trial license.

Click Auto Request, and the license will be automatically generated and sent to you by email.
After receiving the license, start SketchUp and select Register from the SimLab sub-menu, then click Activate License and select the license file you received.

Plugin Upgrade

Current users of any of SimLab SketchUp plugins are eligible for an upgrade to SimLab plugin for SketchUp. The upgrade is only $39, to upgrade please, click here

Great Value

The price of the professional license of the plugin is $99. With a single professional license; the user is eligible to activate the plugin on two different machines.

The plugin includes a free version of SimLab Composer 3D PDF edition.