Nowadays the technology is used in every sector in this life and just helping us achieving abilities that we couldn’t have or even imagine in the past.

One essential thing we use every day and lets our life possible is furniture and interior design, a lot of us are not aware of how much we need it and rely on it, such it supports all human activities like eating, seating or sleeping.

In the past, Furniture used to be designed by carpenters without any use of CAD application or any digital design tools.

Carpenters used to take their imagination and implement it directly. Or if they wanted to discuss or think about design ideas before performing a piece or an actual model, they were doing some hand drawings which hard to connect the ideas between the carpenters crew themselves and with the client.

However with the variant CAD applications available these days we can provide a design with realistic rendered stills, 3D models or even a video without hammering a nail!

SimLab’s vision is to provide the perfect communication 3D tool that will help connecting your design ideas with others in a very efficient and unique ways to ensure that everyone in the process gets the whole idea without any glitch.

SimLab Composer is our tool that takes this further and offering the most technologies available for 3D communication that you need such as realistic rendering, interactive VR, AR, 360 images, 3D PDF documents exporting, assembly solutions and much more.

SimLab Composer is a very handy product for Furniture design and it used buy a large number of furniture and interior designers and companies.

The beauty thing about the Composer is the integrity of all features with all types of outputs. Once you built your scene on SimLab Composer, you can have all types of outputs without needing any further process.

SimLab Integration

SimLab Composer has many features that complete the visualization experience. One useful feature is SimLab linking with other 3D CAD software feature such as SketchUp integration, it is convenient for direct 3D export and editing without going back and forth or exporting and importing each time.


SimLab can render a very realistic stills in a very simple and fast way.

By just applying the material with no need to adjust anything. The extended free materials libraries is designed by SimLab’s skilled artists to give a realistic look while rendering.

Although light presets and HDR libraries are so handy in improving the scene reality by just one click.

So if you have any Model, you can have a very professional renders in couple of minutes.

A realistic video rendering also can be acheaived easily by SimLab Composer, and it could be so useful as in the video axample here which shows an assembly instructions in a beautiful and simple animation.

360 Images

Making 360 realistic images for an interior design that can be viewed as the person standing and looking around in any direction could be very useful for feeling the space and the visibility along with the usability of the design. Learn more.

Moreover SimLab offers new technology providing multiple 360 images in one scene which allows viewing the model from different points, its called 360 grid, Learn more.


Virtual Reality creation is very integrated in SimLab Copmoser and have a lot of features.
Creating VR experiences for furniture and interior designs allows clients & designers to have a sense of the designed space before manufacturing it.
The VR experiences can be created easily in SimLab Composer and viewed through SimLab’s Free VR viewer.
SimLab’s VR experiences is very interactive experiences, it can contains all the features of the SimLab Composer such as animations, scene states, disassembly, grabbable objects, actions and sequences.

Scene building mode in SimLab’s Free VR viewer is a very useful mode which gives the ability to build the scene in VR! it has many useful tools ; scale, rotate, copy, transform and even hide or delete.

the example in the video shows how this feature is used for kitchen design in a very easy and simple way, by just choosing the part you want to add then grab it and put it where and how you want.


With augmented reality provided by SimLab you can try all furniture alternatives inside your house by your Smartphone or tablet.
By selecting the piece you want to try and choose where you want to put it although you can scale, move and rotate it as you want.
Furthermore you have the ability to open and close drawers and change materials.


Smart interactive documents

3D PDF exporting in the SimLab Composer is very useful and integrated feature that gives the ability to have a the 3D model documented in a normal PDF file that can be opened and viewed by adobe acrobat.

download one of these examples and open it with adobe acrobat in order to view the 3d model.

Assembly documents