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Features of 3D PDF


  • A single file that can be viewed on Microsoft Windows and Mac using the free Acrobat Reader, and on iOS and Android using the free CAD Viewer.
  • It was designed to be very easy to use for none technical users.

SimLab Soft Template Designer

  • SimLab Composer comes with SimLab Soft Template Designer, which allows you to create your own document layout and link actions. SimLab Soft Designer is a simple application that enables users to design and save their own templates, to be used when exporting their 3D models into 3D PDF or HTML5/Web GL or iPad/Android.
  • Select a ready-made template or create new with the simple Template Designer.
  • SimLab Soft Templates support actions for interactive experience. An action can be a URL, Message Box, Animation, Script, and Scene State).


  • It supports interactive 3D documents embedded in the PDF.
  • Recipients of the file will be able to view, rotate, and interact with the 3D scene.

Scene States

  • In addition to sharing geometry, etc., you can show multiple configurations.
  • Ability to employ captured Scene States (that covers transformation, visibility, camera and material) for greater interactive experience.
  • For showing configured scene states.
  • You can include animation.


  • Enables users to merge two or more PDF files together. This can be used to append a 3D model to a company’s header, or a project description available in PDF format. PDF files can be generated using different programs, such as; Acrobat, WinWord, PowerPoint, or Open Office. Different 3D PDF files generated using SimLab Soft products can also be merged together.


  • 3D PDF template files can be embedded into WebGL/HTML. Clicking this function button will open the Embed PDF inside Html dialog. In this dialog the user can choose the PDF file to embed, or create a new file. The Embed Fonts In HTML check box will include the template fonts in the exported PDF file


  • 3D PDF can integrate Texture Baking for realistic looking models in 3D PDF.

Smart Navigation

  • The user can set scene's navigation mode, in the exported 3D PDF file. The navigation mode can be either Default Navigation; which tends to focus on one object in the scene, or Smart Navigation which is suitable for large scenes.

Lighting and View Modes

  • Light type can be one of the following: Light from File, CAD Optimized Lights, and Headlamp, etc.
  • View modes can be one of the following: Solid, Illustration, Solid Outline, Shaded Illustration, etc.

Sample 3D PDF Files that Includes Scene States and Animation

Texture Baking - Example 1 (Desk Model) - Simlab Composer 3d Application
Texture Baking - Example 2 (House Model) - Simlab Composer 3d Application
Texture Baking - Example 3 (Headset Model) - Simlab Composer 3d Application

Please make sure to open them by Adobe Acorbat Reader

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