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Animation is what adds life to 3D models. The animation workbench in SimLab-Composer allows the user to easily create the following types of animation:

  • Object Movement
  • Hide/Show
  • Material animation
  • Camera animation
  • Light animation

Learn how to create animations with Simlab-Composer

Industrial robot

Animated assembly

For more videos about our animation workbench click here

  • Creating an animated rendered movie.
  • Generating an animated 3D PDF file.
  • Exporting an animated WebGL
  • Creating a walkthrough for architectural models
It is very easy to create animations in SimLab-Composer by utilizing auto keyframes, all what you need to do is to set current frame to any frame other than 0, then to make a change like moving an object, or applying a new material, and you will have the keyframes automatically added.
  • Presence of pre-defined animations, which allows you to simply apply them on selected object and camera. They are as follows:
    - Object animations such as Round Table, Wheel Animation, and Follow Path.
    - Camera animations such as Round Table, Helical, and Director Record.
  • Director Record is a tool that allows you to direct shooting a scene by switching among multiple cameras or views during recording.
  • You are able to create your own key frame animations.
  • Animation in SimLab-Composer cover objects, cameras, lights, materials, and appearance.
  • Animation Workbench provides you with the Time-line, which is a tool to visualize, play, scale and edit animation key frames.
  • Walk-through is a very cool feature that lets you create and record full motion video tours of a location, by taking a virtual walk-through-tour around the scene freely and interactively using the keyboard keys.
  • Animation Workbench is able to create videos of several formats from sequential rendered images using the Movie Maker tool. It also adds audio files to the generated movies.
  • SimLab-Composer supports other controllers and peripherals, rather than keyboards, such as using Space Navigator (3D Mouse) in Walk-through mode to navigate and fly through 3D environments at the application run-time.

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