Wondering about Automation

  • A feature that is considered as a complementary supplement for SimLab Composer.
  • It boosts the capabilities of SimLab Composer by supporting scripts, programs written in JavaScript, for the run-time environment of SimLab Composer that can be interpreted to automate the execution of tasks that could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator.
  • It’s represented as a workbench within SimLab Composer, which is accessible directly from the Workbenches Bar.

You Ask, We Answer

Why Automation is Needed?

  • It's used to automate common and repetitive tasks in order to save time and effort.
  • It can be used to create and test scripts that will be used later in 3D PDF and WebGL.

Use Cases Of Automation

  • You can structure and automate a sequence of steps that are composed of any number of tasks (e.g. importing a file, generating preview images, adding round table animation, and then exporting a 3D PDF file).
  • You can use scripting to arrange or distribute objects in a scene (e.g. distributing grass on the ground).
  • Scripting can be used, for example, to automate the task of importing files from a large database of 3D models, setting a good view, and then rendering an image for each material option.

How Automation can be Done?

  • JavaScript files can be executed interactively from within SimLab Composer by:
    • Dragging a script from the library, and then dropping it on the 3D area.
    • Selecting a script from the library, and then clicking run.
    • Entering arguments through command-line (it's useful for users who need to repeat a certain task on a large number of files).

Why Go with SimLab Composer?

  • The feature gives you the ability to accelerate productivity.
  • SimLab Composer devotes a specialized workbench dedicated only for this purpose.
  • Some scripts are wizard-driven that presents you with a sequence of dialog boxes for easy setting up of necessary parameters.
  • It allows you to create, edit, run, and debug JavaScript files.
  • It provides a library of ready-made Java Script documents. The library also gives you an easy way to learn how scripts work with SimLab Composer by investigating several tutorial JavaScript documents.

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