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PDF from Rhino is a software component (Add-in) that adds a sharing feature to Rhino application. It allows the users to share their designs in 3D PDF (Portable Document Format) technology by embeding 3D views in .PDF files; the format is natively supported and interactively visualized by the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.acrobat

Learn how 3D PDF files make it easy to communicate 3D models to end users by email.
All what the recipient has to do, is to open the PDF file with the free Acrobat Reader to view the 3D model.

Template Designer

Use SimLab’s Temlpate Designer for designing your own taste of templates of pdf pages to embeded your 3D views inside them.

Template Designer

Merge PDF

You can merge multiple 3d pdf files together, and you can merge normal pdf files with 3d pdf files as well.

Merge PDF

How to get it and use it ?

  • Download the plugin and install it.
  • Run Rhino
  • Find SimLab 3D PDF Exporter Tab as shown in the image below:

  • How to get it and use SimLab 3D PDF Exporter Rhino

Users who already have a valid license for the old version of the plugin, can download from here.

For Rhino 6:

For Rhino 4/5:

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SimLab Composer Integration


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