Plugin Description

SimLab 3D PDF Exporter is a plugin for SolidWorks.

SimLab 3D PDF exporter for SolidWorks plugin enables SolidWorks users to export their 3D models in *.pdf file format, with customized templates using SimLab Soft Template Designer.

The plugin is supported on SolidWorks 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

3D PDF Exporter for SolidWorks

This video will teach you how to export animated SolidWorks designs as a 3D PDF document using SimLab PDF Exporter plugin for SolidWorks application.

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Plugin Features

Export Using Customized Templates

3D PDF exporter for SolidWorks plugin enables users to share their 3D models in 3D PDF format.

SimLab Designer is a standalone application used for designing templates which to be used for exporting 3D PDF files, as well as exporting Html5 (WebGL).

The user can use one of the pre-designed templates included in the plugin, or to create a new customized one using the template designer.

To learn more about Template Designer, please click here.

Embed 3D PDF files into HTML

With Html support, users can embed 3D PDF files into Html documents, also users can share their 3D PDF files on the web.

If a new template needs to be designed, clicking the New button will launch SimLab Designer window.

After selecting the required 3D PDF template, clicking Export will open the Export Geometry dialog where a user can select the name and location of the Html5 file.

Merge PDF files

This option enables users to merge two or more PDF files together. This can be used to append a 3D model to a company's header, or a project description available in PDF format.

PDF files can be generated using different programs, such as; Acrobat Adobe Reader.

Different 3D PDF files generated using SimLab products can also be merged together. Upon selecting this option the Merge PDFs window will open.

  • Download the plugin and install 3D PDF Exporter plugin for SolidWorks.
  • Run SolidWorks and Load a model.
  • Open Simlab ribbon, click Export.

  • It contains following six ribbon buttons as shown in the image below.

After installing the plugin, and to access its functionalities a user needs to go Tools --> Add-Ins.

In the Add-Ins dialog check SimLabSolidworksPDFExporter checkbox, and a new SimLab PDF Exporter tab and menu will be added to SolidWorks.

To enable the plugin's functionalities each time SolidWroks starts the Start Up checkbox should be checked as well.


  •   You can request a free trial for using all features of the plugin. Trial license works for 30 times or two weeks
    (which ends first).

Users who already have a valid license for the old version of the plugin, can download from here.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on SolidWorks 2018.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on SolidWorks 2017.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on SolidWorks 2013, 2014,2015 and 2016.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on SolidWorks 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on SolidWorks 2012; 32 and 64 Bit.

Windows 64 bit

64 Bit

Windows 64 bit
Windows 32 bit

32 Bit

Windows 32 bit


What it is the difference between standalone and floating license??


  • If you had already bought a previous version of the plugin and want to use it with the latest version of SolidWorks.