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Maya USDZ Importer


USDZ Importer

How to get it and use it?

  • Download the plugin and install it.
  • Run 3ds Max.
  • Go to SimLab Tab and find USDZ Importer Tab as shown in the image.
  • To obtain a trial license, open settings then follow the steps shown here.

How to get it and use SimLab usdz Importer 3ds Max


- What information is imported from the USDZ model to 3DS Max?

The plugin transfers geometries, materials, and textures. It also transfers rigid body (transform) animation, and skeleton animation.

- What versions of 3DS Max are supported?

The plugin supports 3DS Max 2023 and older, it works on Windows.

- What control do I have over the imported USDZ?

Defaults should work automatically for most of the models, setting of the plugin still allows you to control scale of the model, and the up vector to be used.

- I have a problem importing/exporting files?

you may need to change the intermediate file type from the plugin settings.

Perpetual licenses:

- Can I move my license from one machine to another?

yes by deactivating the license and reactivate it on a different machine.

- Will my license expire?

A new software key is valid for the latest version of 3DS Max , the license does not expire. If you upgrade your 3DS Max application then you will need to buy an upgrade for a newer version of the plugin, supporting the new 3DS Max .

- Can I use a license with an older version of 3DS Max ?

Yes, the software key can be used to activate the plugin for an older version of 3DS Max.

- How many machines can I activate the plugin on?

A software key can be used to activate the plugin on two machines.
The two machines can be used at the same time.

- Can I move my license from one machine to another?

Yes, a perpetual software key is valid to activate the plugin on two machines. If the user needs to activate a new machine, the plugin needs to be deactivated from the machine no longer used. Deactivation can be done by clicking Deactivate in the Registration dialog.

Floating license:

- How does it work?

With a floating license SimLab Floating Server should be installed on an actual Windows machine, it can serve multiple users. The number of users who can use the plugin at the same time is equal to the number of floating licenses available on the server.

- Should I get floating or a single user license?

Single user software key:

  • Belongs to one user, who can use it to activate the application on two machines. It is locked to a particular host.

Floating license:

  • A license where many machines can have the software installed, but only a specific number of machines run it at a time. The number of users using the application concurrently equals the number of licenses available on the server.
  • If the number of concurrent users is known, it can be more economical than purchasing standalone licenses.
  • SimLab floating server should be installed on a Windows machine, and the plugin on any number of machines.

- How can I activate my floating license?

The system administrator should contact to receive information for installing and configuring SimLab Floating Server.

Trial licenses:

- How to request a trial license? and for how long it would be valid?

Check this page for step by step instructions on how to request and activate a trial license.
Trial licenses are valid for 14 days or 30 trials whichever comes first.