Composer 8

Automation Workbench

Automation workbench allows the user to use Java scripting to automate processes in SimLab Composer. The user can run scripts interactivity from inside SimLab Composer by dragging a script from the library and dropping it on the 3D area, or selecting it and clicking Run.
The user can run the script from the command line by using the argument –js “Java script name”.
Running from the command line requires licenses for the features Automation and Command Line.
Scripting can be used for example to automate the task of importing a file, generating preview images (top, front, perspective), adding round table animation, then exporting a 3D PDF file, or to import files from a large database of 3D models, then setting a good view, rendering an image for each material option.
Automation workbench allows the user to Run, Edit, and Debug Java scripts.
SimLab Composer shares the same Java script when possible with 3D PDF and WebGL, which makes it very easy to utilize the same knowledge in creating scripts, the user can use SimLab Composer to develop and test scripts to be used later in 3D PDF and WebGL.
The reference document for Java scripting is available with SimLab Composer; the easiest way to learn SimLab Composer scripting is to investigate the scripts in the tutorial group in the scripting library.
When running scripts interactivity the script can ask the user to select an object, to define a material or to pick a location or direction from the 3D area, as shown in the following image.
Automation Workbench video: