Composer 8

Break Group

Break Geometry
The smallest representation of geometry in SimLab Composer is 3D Geometry. 3D Geom is a geometry that has one transform and one material applied to it. All contents of 3D Geom are moved together, and must have the same material.
Some model formats do not support saving Object Tree structure, when importing 3D models of those formats, 3D Geom can contain many none connected parts. The Break geometry tool enables the user to break a 3D Geom that contains none connected parts into multiple 3D Geoms. Each one of the new 3D Geoms can be moved separately and can be assigned a unique material.
Break Faces
This tool will break the selected 3D model into its faces. Each face will be converted to 3D Geom, and added to the Object Tree. Unique materials can be assigned to each face. In the above stool example, the top geometry with a different material was broken into its faces as shown in the image below. Different materials were applied to the different generated faces.
Break by Plane
This tool enables the user to select the geometry to cut through using a section plane already created in the scene, using Create Section Plane from the Create task bar. Using the same section plane with different orientations, different cuts can be done on the geometry.
Break Instances
Instances in SimLab Composer are multiple duplicates of an object using the same materials’ structure, and same transforms as the original object. Using this function the instances can be broken, thus each one can have its own materials/transforms.