Composer 8

Camera Animation Group

Capture Camera
Captures the current view in the 3D area with an animated camera, and creates a key frame at the current location on the animation TimeLine.
Round Table
This function creates a camera animation, for the whole scene, that rotates 360 degrees around the global Z axis. By default this animation starts at frame 0 and ends at the last frame of the animation.
Creates an animation that rotates the camera 360 degrees around the global Z axis, with translation from the current elevation of the camera to the ground (Z = 0), suitable for showing high buildings.
Director Record
Director Camera gives the user the ability to create animations that combine views from multiple animated cameras/views, in a scene. Clicking the Director Record button will create a new camera named director camera and adds it to the Object Tree. The director camera will start recording the views from the existing camera in the active view.