Composer 8
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Composer GUI

SimLab Composer interface is based on selecting the workbench icon to work on. Upon selecting the workbench the allocated tools in that workbench will appear next. Primary tools, properties, task, and navigator panel in the interface will be changed to display the defaults of that selected workbench.
On the left hand side of SimLab Composer interface, from the workbencÑh icon the user can select the workbench to use. Each one refers to a workbench in SimLab Composer. The workbenches will be active according to available license(s).
There are several elements that provide structure to how the commands are presented in the user-interface, as shown below. Shown in red are the Accessibility Toolbar, shown in green are the Specific Tools, and in blue is the workbenches Icon. Also as shown below, the application interface has different sections.