Composer 8

Icons Used in This Manual

To make your experience with the manual easier, you'll find a handful of icons at the left margin of the manual to indicate particular points of interest.
The Tip icon points out interesting techniques, helpful information, or hints that is likely to make your job easier.
The Remember icon is a friendly cue about things to keep in mind when performing certain tasks, or important information that can benefit you in understanding how SimLab Composer works.
Paragraphs marked with this icon include important information that will help you avoid common mistakes and steer clear of trouble.
Occasionally, we include some technical information that, while interesting to some, is not essential reading for everyone.
The on the web icon calls your attention to useful material that you can find online.
The example icon alerts you to some really cool examples illustrating techniques and issues.
The video icon alerts you to very useful tutorial videos in our Youtube channel.