Composer 8

Links Menu

In simulation, the behavior of a solid is governed by two things, the first is the total external forces affecting it, and the second is the link that defines the relationship between it and another different solid acts as constraint that are enforced by.
Using the Links Tool, you add joints, springs, forces, and torques to control the mechanism behavior. The Solids Tool contains the following Groups:
  • Joints Group.
  • Spring Group.
  • Force/Torque Group.
Each of these toolbars is covered in the following sections.
Ground always exist in simulation although it isn't visible to the user.
The Lock Icon is different in simulation. Locking an object makes it invulnerable against any external force.
In SimLab Composer, every simulation case requires creating solids but creating Links is optional (it depends on the nature of the simulation). A Link defines the relationship of two solids to each other. Consider these prerequisites when you start every simulation project.
The simulation process is very conservative! Before you start building your simulation, make sure that you are satisfied with your model and you don't want to modify it outside of the Simulation Workbench.