Composer 8

Solid Creation Group

Auto Detect Solids:
In some cases, you may need to have more control over solids creation rather than using the automatic detect function. Here comes the role of the Creation Toolbar.
The Creation Toolbar displays two buttons to manually create and revert solids using the Graphical User Interface (GUI), as shown in the following image. This toolbar provides options to do or undo solid creation for the selected geometry(s) or solid(s), respectively. The two buttons are:
  • Single Solid: Create Solid button allows you to manually create corresponding solids from the selected geometry or assembly. You can select a geometry or an assembly either using the Geometries Tree or from the 3D Area. You can also select multiple geometries from the Geometry Tree by holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard and clicking the desired , then pressing the Create Solid button in order to create the desired solid. After clicking the Create Solid button, only one solid will be created and all of its corresponding geometries will be disappeared from the Geometry Tree and moved to the Solids Tree.
  • Multiple Solid: Revert Sold button gives the user the option to undo the creation of a solid(s), by simply choosing the desired solid(s) to be reverted from the Solids Tree, and then clicking the Revert Solid button. You can select a solid either using the Solids Tree or from the 3D Area. You can also select multiple solids from the Solids Tree by holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard, then pressing the Revert Solid button in order to revert the desired solids.