Composer 8

Vive Controllers

Vive Controllers:
Use the controllers to interact with objects in the VR world.
1- Trackpad:
  • Press and hold to activate Teleportation mode. Then Release to teleport to a valid destination.
  •   A red teleportation pointer indicates possible teleportation on an object.
  •   A green teleportation pointer indicates forbidden teleportation on an object.
2- System button:
  •  Fast press then release brings up the system main menu.
3- Tracking sensor:
  • Move controller and intersect with objects to highlight grabbable objects in VR Viewer.
  • Move controller to desired direction and pick a jump point.
4- Trigger:
  • Press and hold to shoot a continuous beam and point it to a desired object in order to distinguish by highlighting if an object has action/action. Then Release, while the beam is still focused on a valid object, to activate actions such as Scene State, Animation Sequences, and Sound effects.
5- Grip button:
  • Press and hold to enter grabbing mode and start grabbing valid objects.
  • Fast press then release activates highlighting mode for grabbable objects in VR Viewer.
In the VR world, the two Vive controllers appear in different colors:
                   a. Blue controller is the main controller (marked with a blue sphere as demonstrated in the image below).
                    b. Green controller is the secondary controller.
Navigation tutorial for SimLab VR viewer video tutorial: