360 Image

What is a 360 image?
A 360 or a panorama image, is a special type of image that allows the user to experience being inside a 3D scene, the user can view the scene
on a mobile, or using Facebook or other viewers.
How to create a 360 image?
Creating a 360 image using SimLab Composer is very simple, first you need to create a VR camera, place it in the scene, then select the VR
camera, and render a 360 image.
This process is shown in the following tutorial .
Sharing 360 images on facebook?
Facebook has one extra restriction on 360 images to be automatically detected, width to height ratio should be 2 to 1, for example
if width is 2000, height on the image should be 1000
How to embed and use a 360 image in a website?
  • Download photo-sphere-viewer JavaScript library.
  • Added it in your website files.
  • Embed the necessary JavaScript files needed such as: three.min.js, photo-sphere-viewer.js
  • Add CSS:
  • In your body tag create container for 360 images:
  • Then Include JavaScript Code:
  • Finally it will look like this :
For more details and examples on how to embed a 360 image in a website visit these links: Link 1, Link 2