Composer 9.1

3D Models Library

The library panel, on the other hand, will change to show the Basic Shapes, Composer Scenes. This library provides users with quick access to frequently
used 3D models. In this panel the user can add new items to the Basic Shapes group, and can delete others. Clicking the Manage Library button, enables
the user to create new groups and manage existing ones, also can change the library view.
Download Contents
The user can separately download each downloadable content one at a time by double-clicking a downloadable content from the desired library, if the Downlad
Content dialog box appears as shown in the following image.
The user can also download all contents related to the active library at once only in a single step by pressing the Download All Contents button
(as shown in the following image) that appears on the Library toolbar. The Library toolbar is a vertical toolbar located at the left side of a Library
as shown in the following image. The Download All Item dialog box (as shown in the following image) appears once the Download All Items
 button is selected.
After the download process is successfully completed, the new item(s) will be directly available in the corresponding library without the need to
 restart the Composer application.
Downloadable contents are available online, therefore an Internet connection is required in order to benefit from this feature.