3D Scenes created in SimLab Composer can be exported into custom designed 3D PDF files, using SimLab Designer. The exported 3D PDF files can be opened using the free Acrobat reader (version 9.0 or newer), to take advantage of all the features in the generated 3D PDF file.
Features exported to 3D PDF files, as well as to HTML/WebGl files are listed in the table below.
Exported Features
3D PDF Files
HTML5/WebGL Files
3D models and Geometry
Materials and Colors
Scene States
Visualized Scene Options (Lists)
SimLab Actions
2D Polylines and Annotations
Reflection Maps
Bump Maps
Custom Designed Templates
In the PDF button, and before attempting to export to 3D PDF, the user needs to choose the PDF Settings for the exported 3D PDF file.
In the tutorial video below show you how export your models to 3D PDF and visualize it with others using the free Acrobat Reader.