About SimLab Composer

Since its foundation Simlab Soft mission had been clearly defined as developing state of the art 3D software that is affordable, fun and easy to use.
This led to the development of SimLab Composer with the vision of making 3D for all!
SimLab Composer is a 3-D Computer Graphics (CG) software for creating rendered images, animations and simulations. It was developed by Simulation
Lab Software L.L.C. It is frequently used in video game development, TV commercial, architectural visualization, and engineering.
More precisely, SimLab Composer is an interior (indoor) and exterior (outdoor) 3-D scene building, sharing, rendering, baking, animation, automation,
simulation, and exhibition application. It supports importing native and standard 3-D file formats to build scenes, that can be yet exported into many
file formats.
SimLab Composer functionalities are divided into multiple workbenches to serve different needs. The workbenches, developed so far, are Scene Building Workbench,
Sharing Workbench, Rendering Workbench, Interior Workbench, Texture Baking Workbench, Animation Workbench, Simulation Workbench, Automation
Workbench, and Exhibition Workbench. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of SimLab Composer is designed to be very easy to use, which requires a short
learning curve for exploring the application functionalities and capabilities.
With each new release of SimLab Composer, SimLab Soft aims to make its partners and clients around the world happier and more satisfied, through
providing them with the right 3-D tools, helping to achieve their success fast and within budget. The latest version of SimLab Composer involves new
features, in addition to enhancements and improvements to the previous features that are already included in the previous versions of SimLab Composer.
The manual is divided into two chapters, each of which is further divided into relevant topics. Each chapter relates to the most important concepts in
SimLab Composer.