Composer 9.1

Annotations Group

In this function we are going to talk about adding annotations and measurements to your design in Simlab Composer, and how you can manage the measurements to create a professional presentation that facilitates communicating and sharing your design.
In this dialogue we are going to determine the plane on which we are going to create the annotations.
Selecting the proper plane for the annotations creation is crucial in terms of where the annotations will be projected for viewing.
You also have the option to offset the plane you have selected parallel to its axes.
Create Annotation
SimLab Composer allows you to create several types of annotations.
  • Linear dimension tool, measures the projected distance between 2 points on the principal axes while the aligned dimension tool measures the distance between two points in space without projecting their location on a principal axes.
  • Radial dimension tool, a button that allows users to create a box by entering Center coordinates, Width, Depth, and Height of the box parameters in its dialog box which appears if clicked.
  • Angular dimension tool, can measure the angle between two intersecting lines.
  • Leader annotation tool, allows you to add custom text with a pointer to the design.
Notice that the linear tool measured the projected width of the two points and not the distance between them.
You can change the measurement unit used from the annotation dialogue box, select a measurement unit that is suitable for your design