Composer 9.1

Disassembly Group

Manage Assembly Process:
In the assembly management window you can graph and connect nodes based on the order you want them to be disassembled.
The assembly management interactions, settings:
  •  Green Plus button: Adds the selected node (in the 3d scene) to the disassembly diagram, if a disassembly graph node is selected, it will become the parent of the newly added node.
  • Ladder button: Change parent of selected disassembly graph nodes, a graph node must be selected before clicking this button, the graph node selected afterwards will become the new parent - or - if a blank space is selected, the graph node will become independent (with no parent).
  • Red Minus button: removes a node from the graph.
  •  Create new: create a new disassembly diagram.
  • Rename: change the name of the disassembly diagram.
  • Delete: remove the disassembly.
In the tutorial video below, you can show how used disassembled group.