VR Native Events
A state machine based system used for endless possibilities in your VR experiences, which includes location-based triggers.
1. Create new Event.
2. Copy the Event.
3. Delete the Event.
4. The lest of Events.
5. Edit Variables and Initial Values
6. The Event Types:
  • When the object entered object.
  • When the object exited object.
  • When the scene state applied.
  • When the sequence ended.
  • When variable condition changed.
    7. Selection Node from Tree or from the 3D Area.
    8. Zoom to object.
    9. The lest of Responses.
    10. Delete the Response.
    11. Copy the Response.
    12. Create new Response.
    13. The Response Types:
  • Change action for object.
  • Apply scene state.
  • Change variable value.
  • Play sequence
  • Play sound
VR Drumming Demo using events and response system.