Forward (Support Sliders, Keyboard, and Console Controller)

The Interactive mode for simulation supports game controllers in addition to the standard input peripherals.
The Xbox One Controller is the primary controller for Microsoft Xbox One console. The Xbox One Controller is powered by 2 AA batteries, however, the Micro USB port can be used to power the controller, instead of its wireless connectivity. 
(the Microsoft Xbox One controller)
Also, the Sony PS3 Controller is the primary controller for Sony Playstation 3 console. The Sony Playstation Controller features an internal built-in battery, however, the USB mini-B to USB-A cable can be used to connect the controller to PC by wire instead of its independent Bluetooth connection.
(Sony Playstation controller)
SimLab Composer offers direct support for the controller of Microsoft xbox one. In the other hand, the controller of Sony PS3 requires a third-party software to work properly with SimLab Composer on PC. For more information, contact us at (
Through GUI (Slider Bars)
Horizontal slider lets you set or adjust a value by moving an indicator. This control is a horizontal slider with a handle that can be moved right and left on a bar to select a value. The bar allows you to make adjustments to rotation or speed value throughout a range of pre-defined values. It allows you to alter the movement speed while being in the scene by decreasing it through dragging to the left (Slower) or increasing it through dragging to the opposite direction (Faster).
Controller sticks are sensitive. So take advantage of this property when designing a panel of increase and decrease keys for the interactive entities for controlling control functions