Composer 9.1

High dynamic range images (HDR) Creation

HDR (High dynamic range images) or environment images, is one of the preferred methods to light a 3D scene for rendering.
Originally those images were generated using specialized cameras, or through specialized software, due to the processes involved in
generating HDRs usually usually carry licenses preventing free distribution.
SimLab Composer supports creating: 3D scene HDRs, Studio HDRs, HDR Studio, Created using SimLab Composer.
Generating HDRs with SimLab Composer:
SimLab Composer makes it easy to generate HDR images, with the freedom of distributing them as any other rendered image created
using SimLab Composer. With SimLab Composer, the user can create multiple 360 render image from the VR Viewer faster and easier without consuming the processor of the device.
View the following tutorial to learn how to create HDR images using SimLab Composer.
Sharing HDRs:
If you generated a special HDR that you want to share with SimLab Composer users, please send an email to and we will be glad to share it with the community.