Composer 9.1

Library Group


Regenerate Library

  • Current Library: a menu list includes the default and user defined Material Libraries. Set to Composer as its default value. By selected the desired library, the library and its contents will appear in the Library panel.
  • Manage: a button displays the Manage Material Libraries dialog box if clicked. In its dialog box, you can create new libraries, rename, delete, export, import, merge existing libraries. You can also create new groups in the selected Library, rename and delete them.
  • Regenerate Library: a button, if clicked, will regenerate new icon/thumbnail images for the content of the corresponding library, for display purpose only. A  warning message appears.
Style Only
This toggle button allows you to turn on or turn of applying styles (including properties such as color, glossiness, alpha, etc.) when dragging-and-dropping a material from the Material Library onto a object in the 3D Area preserving texture information (including properties such as Texture, Bump, and Normal).
This is done by clicking the Style Only button in the Material tab before starting to drag any material.
You can turn on or off the this option by clicking over the Style Only button