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Package Render
Distribute rendering is supported in SimLab Composer. It allows the user to distribute rendering of complex animations, among a number of machines. With the animation ‘*.sim’ file opened click Distribute function to open Distribute Render Animation dialog.
Fill in the required settings, and then click the Generate Rendering Packages button. The output folder containing the packages will open, since the Open containing folder option was checked in the dialog.
A number of (*.srd) files equivalent to the number of machines input in the dialog, will be saved in the output folder.
Copy each file to a rendering machine that has SimLab Composer already installed. Click the Render function, in the Package group, to open its dialog. Browse to the rendering package (*.srd) file, and select the output folder. Check the Open output folder option, and then click Start Rendering. A rendering animation progress bar will continue to appear along with rendering menus until the animation rendering is done.