Composer 9.1

Post Processing Group

Post Processing:
The user can always benefit from the saved result of the most recent successful simulation, either in exporting it to animation or plotting its generated data
on charts. The Post Processing group is located at the rightmost on the Simulation menu. You find only one button in this group, as shown in the following image:
  • To Animation: The To Animation button automatically exports the simulation results of the latest simulation session as an animation in the Animation Workbench.
  • Solid trace point: attaches a visual guide on a solid's surface, the trace point's movement can by analysed using plots to study the behavior of the solid at that point.
In order to review or edit the frames of your recorded animation, go to the Animation Timeline which you can find at the bottom of the Animation Workbench.
In order to plot your simulation data, go to the Charting Area, which you can find at the bottom of the Simulation Workbench.