Scene Group

Upon starting SimLab Composer, or clicking on new button, the new scene dialog will appear. In this dialog the user can select to create a 2D ground scene, open a scene, or create an empty one. Images for the last opened scenes are displayed in this dialog for quick access. This last files list is also accessible from the arrow beside the open scene icon.
SimLab Composer is enclosed with short and brief learning videos.
The Getting Started Movies are essential to let you get started quickly and easily without the need for streaming services over a wired or wireless network connection to the Internet. They cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to Composer, its GUI, and its workbenches.
  • A tour within the Scene Building Workbench.
  • A quick tour on how to use Texture Baking Workbench.
  • A look at the Animation workbench.
  • An overview to Simulation Workbench.
  • A look at the Automation workbench.
  • A look at the Virtual Reality workbench.
The user can access any of the provided videos by clicking on Tutorials button, which appears at the top right corner of the New Scene dialog box, as shown in the following image. Once you click over the Tutorials button, SimLab Composer will launch your default Internet browser and display a list of movies to be played inside HTML5 technology, where the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera support.
following image shows the home page of the Getting Started Videos, which is opened in an Internet browser prompting the user either to choose the desired movie page from a list or start playing the movie right from the player control buttons.
The user can access the new scene dialog box every time by clicking the new button from the scene menu located under the File tool.
We highly recommend you to always upgrade your Internet browser to have the latest version installed, in order to play and view the movies without problems.
Save/Save As
Both function buttons will open the Save Composer file dialog, where the user can select the name and location for the created *.sim file.
This function button displays Pack the Scene dialog, in which the user can create *.zip file based on the selected file format from the list.
The packed *.zip file will include all 3D models in the scene, along with their materials and textures. HDR files and BackPlates can also be included, if the user checks this option. Packing a scene is necessary for the user to share 3D scenes created in SimLab Composer with others.