Composer 9.1

Section Plane Group

Section Plane
Newly created section plane will be selected in the 3D area with the 3D dragger to enable the user to transform/rotate the section plane.
Section plane effects are exported to the generated 3D PDF files, rendered images, and exported file formats such as OBJ.
By default a section plane cuts through the whole scene. Using the Break Using Sction Plane tool, the user can select the geometry to cut using section plane(s).
In the image shown below a scene with three spheres inside each other and three section planes were created with different orietaions. Select each section plane and use it to cut through the outside and the middle shperes. To do that go to Geometry task and with the sphere to cut being selected, click the Break by Plane function button. This will break the geometry into two in the object tree and the 3D area.
Repeating this for all three section planes will split each sphere into eight parts. Deleting / hiding some of the parts will result in the shown image.