Walk-through Library

The Walkthrough library is where scene states are stored, they appear as thumbnail images. To store a scene state, you need to select Capture button form the Walkthrough panel.
Capture: A newly added button (as shown in the following image) to the Walkthrough panel. It is used to capture a scene state of the current active walkthrough.
The toolbar of the Walkthrough library consists of the following buttons, as shown in the following image:
Delete: To erase the select scene state from the Walkthrough library.
Delete All: To erase all scene states from the Walkthrough library.
In order to restore the 3D Area to the captured scene state, the user has two ways to do that:
  • Double clicking an image thumbnail in the Walkthrough library.
  • Dragging-and-dropping an image thumbnail into the 3D Area.
This will result in transforming the camera to match the scene state stored in it.
as shown in the following image a Walkthrough library that contains five captured scene states.