VR Warehouse

A market for designers to publish and sell their VR Experiences to SimLab Users.

SimLab Soft is inviting Designers to be a part of the VR revolution by joining the VR Warehouse Program to able able to sell their VR Experiences to thousands of users across the globe.

VR Warehouse

VR Warehouse


Through SimLab VR Warehouse Designers will be able to Publish and Sell VR Experiences that they have created using SimLab VR Studio to SimLab Soft users directly.


In the publishing dialogue designers will specify the payment method to be either Wire Transfer, Paypal or Payoneer, and once your balance has reached a certain amount, your earnings will be automatically transferred to you.


SimLab VR Studio users can download Free VR Experiences as well as purchase VR Experiences using Credit points through SimLab VR Warehouse. In addition to Running the purchased VR Experiences, you will be able to Distribute them to students and trainees.

To purchase SimLab Credit Click the button below.

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Virtual Reality Users

Accessing VR Warehouse

To access the VR Warehouse in SimLab VR Studio, go to the Libraries panel at the bottom and click on VR Warehouse.

Virtual Reality warehouse accessing

To access the VR Warehouse in SimLab VR Studio, go to the Libraries panel at the bottom and click on VR Warehouse.

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Join Virtual Reality Warehouse

Join the Program

SimLab Soft is offering 3D artists in Jordan the opportunity to be a part of the VR revolution through the new VR warehouse Services offered by SimLab Soft.

SimLab Soft will sponsor your first 3 VR Experiences that you create and publish on the market and will fully pay for them as an encouragement for participating in the program, additionally, you will be granted a 1 year subscription to SimLab VR Studio.

VR Warehouse program Terms and conditions:

  • Participants in the program need to have good knowledge of 3D Design applications.
  • SimLab Soft will provide the participants with the necessary training material to learn how to create VR Experiences in SimLab VR Studio, as well as access to a huge variety of 3D assets and environments which can be used to create VR Experiences.
  • Participants need to submit one VR Experience that they have created as a try out and upon evaluating the VR Experience by SimLab-Soft, the participant can then be a part of the VR Warehouse program.
  • Once the participant joins the program, he is required to create at least 5 VR Experiences and publish them on the VR Warehouse
  • 3 of the published VR Experiences will be sponsored and fully reimbursed by SimLab Soft.
  • As a part of the program, you will be eligible to work on 3D freelance projects by SimLab Soft in addition to selling VR Experiences on the VR Warehouse.

If you are interested in joining the program, fill the form below