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SimLab SDK

  • Exporters/Importers
  • Rendering
  • Cloud Solution
  • C++/C#
  • OEM/Branded

VR Software Developers

  • Custom 3D File
  • Geometry processing
  • 3D CAD Plugins

VR Experience Developers

  • Unity + Unreal support
  • Automation + Model processing
  • FBX + Animation
  • Baking
  • Automation for large number of files

SimLab SDK


SimLab SDK provide reusable components that software developers can use to add new functionalities to their applications such as adding import/export features and rendering capabilities.

For a full list of import/export supported file formats please click here.


SimLab SDK is C++ based, many users use it with C# applications, others integrate it as EXE and work with it using the Command line.

 Cloud Services

SimLab SDK and SimLab Composer SDK were tested to work as part of a cloud solution. Windows Server is needed, the integration with Webservices should be easy, we will be glad to provide any help in this regard if needed.


Branded SimLab Composer (White-labeled version) is another option that allows developers to add advanced, mature 3D capabilities beyond import/export and to distribute it with her/his software application, By doing this developers can save many years of hard software development and can add all these capabilities to their solution.

VR Software Developers


Let us help you build the VR software of your dreams by providing you a lot of VR and VR supporting SDKs, all from small importing/exporting tools to a complete platform for creating and viewing the VR Experience.

Unity / Unreal

Fully integrated with Unreal and Unity with maximum compatibility.

CAD Plugins

Create CAD specific plugins, that facilitate moving 3D models, and provide access to your application from inside major 3D / CAD Applications.
Check the large number of plugins developed by SimLab Soft.

Custom file formats

Integrate your custom 3D file format easily with our tools, by adding support for it to our SDK and SimLab Composer.

VR Experience Developers


Benefit from SimLab's optimized VR platform to create the very dynamic interactive experiences of your choice along with the great viewer to view them with maximum capabilities.

> VR Gallery

SimLab Composer

Get access to our affordable and complete 3D visualization solution; SimLab Composer to create 3D scenes, and animations for your next 3D VR project.

Files Support

Get optimized FBX files ready for AR/VR with tree hierarchy and animations so you can add different behaviors to your objects. SimLab Soft also supports the most recent VR/AR file formats like GLTF and USDZ.


Powerful Automation and model processing systems.


Smart Light baking and texture baking tools.

We do the heavy lifting and let you focus on creating VR/AR applications and experiences.