VR is revolutionizing model navigation, assembly instructions, selling products, serious training and much more.

SimLab Soft team evaluated existing VR technology hardware and software, and based on that we decided to build SimLab VR framework, because we believed we can provide something great for users, something that saves money, and extends user’s reach in marketing, while taking advantage of the many years we invested in the development of SimLab Composer.

Believing that we can provide a unique solution was the beginning of SimLab VR framework.

SimLab VR framework should work for you.

  • No matter what CAD application you are importing your model from
  • No matter what experience you want to create for your users
  • No matter how small is your budget to start utilizing VR

Why should I use SimLab VR framework?

  • When building the framework, our focus was on ease of use, so even a user new to 3D, should be able to create an amazing VR experience.
  • SimLab VR framework from day one will support a large number of 3D formats.
  • SimLab VR framework is a complete solution that covers the process of preparing, adding interaction, adding animation, viewing, and distributing VR models.
  • Component based design, SimLab VR framework is delivered as a set of components that are designed to work together without forcing this on you, it is easy to pick the components you need to make it match your perfect workflow.
  • SimLab VR framework will be available in two editions lite edition which will be free, giving you the functionality to share VR models with others, and the professional version that gives users the ability to add animation, and advanced user interaction to the model, which will be affordable even for individuals and small companies.
  • Built on top of SimLab Composer to benefit from the technologies that were developed, optimized, and stabilized over many years.
  • Open communication, we decided to share the development plans of this project to allow users to share requests and to be able to plan accordingly

What hardware do I need for SimLab VR?

For VR you need a good machine with new Video card, good processing power and memory. To get the most of this Technology preview you need to have HTC vive.

If you do not have that, do not worry, you can use the desktop viewer that will provide you with great interaction on the desktop and which you will be able to share with customers who do not have the HTC vive.

This desktop viewer also can be used as a great tool to speed up the process of adding interactive capabilities to 3D models.

Components of SimLab VR framework:

1- SimLab VR Viewer

This is the viewer that is used to interact with the VR model, the viewer can be run in two modes,

2- SimLab VR Showroom

Showroom was created to make it easy to share models with users, and to build showroom catalogs, soon showroom will add optional network capacities to facilitate delivering models to stores and end users.

3- SimLab Composer

With 10 years in development, SimLab Composer is the best tool to import and to add VR interaction capabilities to 3D models, the new VR workbench includes a collection of the tools needed to bring your 3D model to life.

Preview of SimLab VR framework

The following video shows a preview of what to expect in SimLab VR framework

What is next?

Next week we will start sharing the first technical preview of SimLab VR framework, in this preview, we will give users access to SimLab VR showroom, and the new VR viewer.

When ready, the technical preview will be available in the following link.