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Emergency Training in VR

One of the most valuable uses for Virtual Reality is providing a safe training environment for very dangerous scenarios and cases, such we can mimic all life-edge stories into VR experiences which keep trainees from any harm that could happen in real life.  ...

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Real Estate Visualization Project

Real estate and architecture design are one thing that affects our daily lives. A better place and a healthy environment bring more happiness and comfort to the people. Usually, we don't notice that the place we are living in is very important for our peace of mind,...

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Notes and Communication in VR!

Design process always faces many opinions and ideas in order to put the right design requirements and user requirements. A clearer vision for a project in the design stage leads to a much complete output. Moreover, sometimes we need modifications and adjustments after...

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AMD Radeon™ ProRender

AMD Radeon™ ProRender is a powerful physically-based rendering engine that enables creative professionals to produce stunningly photorealistic images. SimLab Composer makes it easy to experiment with the new GPU renderer from AMD. You can now utilize SimLab Composer’s...

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Furniture and Interior Design with SimLab Composer

Nowadays the technology is used in every sector in this life and just helping us achieving abilities that we couldn’t have or even imagine in the past. In the past, Furniture used to be designed by carpenters without the use of CAD applications or any digital design...

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360 Grid

Multiple 360's 360 Grid Technology is a smart and simple way to show the most of the design with multiple 360 renders connected to each other which allows moving between them to insure full coverage for the whole design. A 360/Panorama is an image rendered in a...

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Simlab Integration in Architectural Design Process

Architecture is identified by the Art & Science of designing buildings. A successful architectural design must satisfy three key elements; It has to be Functional, Structurally  working, and Aesthetically Appealing. The architectural design process is a long...

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Embed 360 images in your website

Creating a 360 or a panorama image in SimLab Composer is very simple, first you need to create a VR camera, place it in the scene, then select the VR camera, and render a 360 image, for more information about our 360 click here. How to embed and use a 360...

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Running VR Experiences With Mixed Reality (MR) Sets

Based on Collaboration with Microsoft, many companies released mixed reality VR sets including Acer, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Samsung. If you want to use your mixed realty set with VR experiences created using SimLab Composer, then all what you need to do is to install...

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VR Challenges and the Solutions

VR is a new technology that promises to be widely involved in improving many industries in the near future, and many companies are hoping to make more with it. Accelerating training, reducing cost and increasing profits are few of the great things VR is promising (a...

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VR Introduction and Overview

What is VR? You probably heard of VR here and there, but you only have a basic image of what it actually is. Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows users to experience and interact with 3D computer generated virtual environments in real time. Some key...

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Using VR for Architectural and Mechanical Visualization

Whether you’re an architect looking to convert your high quality visualizations into an immersive scene or you’re a mechanical engineer that interested in virtual manufacturing, we promise that virtual reality will be your next biggest technology thing. Using VR for...

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Announcing SimLab VR framework

VR is revolutionizing model navigation, assembly instructions, selling products, serious training and much more. SimLab Soft team evaluated existing VR technology hardware and software, and based on that we decided to build SimLab VR framework, because we...

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