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Since we care the most about our customers experience, we’ve added and improved a lot of features so you can create, render, simulate, animate and automate in a great environment that’s user friendly, fast and reliable. Below is some of our top new features and updates, but there is many many more updates and features you can explore them by visiting 8.1 Product Page on the website.

New Features:

  • VR Workbench: Clipping Plane, Teleportation Points, Light/Shadow Baking, SimLab VR/Desktop Viewer on Mac.
  • 3D PDF: New highlighting option to distinguish 3D objects that are associated with actions, New option for stopping animation on scene navigation.
  • WebGL/HTML: Highlighted 3D objects containing actions, Animation stops on camera movement.
  • Rendering: Region Rendering, Roughness Map, 360 Images,Alpha Channel Emitter, SimLab HDR Creation, Pass Light.
  • SimLab Showroom: Ability to join SimLab Community, Ability to upload and download models, Ability to vote for favorite models, Showroom app is now available on Mac (macOS greater or equal to 10.12). The ability to export to SimLab VR Viewer app for mobile.
  • Mobile: SimLab VR Mobile Viewer App.

All of this in one package so you can enjoy our tools and succeed in your business. You can try it for free for 21 days or you can upgrade for free if you’re a current user of SimLab Composer 8.0

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