SimLab Composer is the complete 3D communication solution, SimLab Composer Lite is the free edition of SimLab Composer.  Rendering capabilities in SimLab Composer Lite are free for hobbyist and commercial usage, they allow generating rendering images up to full HD (1920 * 1080).

SimLab real time on screen rendering is easily enabled by clicking Real time under the Render menu (or using the F4 shortcut) as shown in the following tutorial.

But what can you do if you need a specific render size for example 800 * 600?

You can render a larger size image and crop the large image to the needed size, but this solution does not give you a good understanding of the final image, and makes you waste time rendering pixels that you will through a way.

You can use the following simple trick:

  • From File -> Preference go to the Appearance tab
  • Set fixed view size to the image size you are looking for (in this case 800 * 600 )
  • Click OK
  • Now from the accessibility tool bar, change view type to Fixed View, Click F4 to start real time rendering.
  • Save the output image by clicking Save Viewer Image button in the accessibility tool bar