Design process always faces many opinions and ideas in order to put the right design requirements and user requirements. A clearer vision for a project in the design stage leads to a much complete output.

Moreover, sometimes we need modifications and adjustments after constructing which are so annoying. it costs more time, efforts and money, It might be even impossible to achieve without rebuilding the whole project all over. and we always end up saying “if we just noticed this before …!”

Virtual Reality can be used in design stages to give the user an easily intelligent sense of the project in order to take the right choices and get real feedback from the users before start building the project.

So it is so useful to harness VR environments to mimic real-life user experience of the final project in earlier stages.



But what really makes a huge improvement in the design process is finding a smart way to interchange notes and suggestions between people in that VR environment.


SimLab VR Viewer has its own tools and systems that provide the users with an ultimate procedure for communicating their ideas and comments in VR. It Can take several types of notes directly in the VR Session such as voice notes, text notes and even drawing on objects.


All these notes can be saved and shared between others in the most comprehensive ways

VR Package

The viewer can save the VR scene with all notes and modifications as a .vrpackage file which can be easily shared and opened on the VR Viewer.


Furthermore, The user can save it as a .exe file so it can be shared with who even don’t have the viewer, it will automatically install the viewer and opens the VR scene.

Watch SimLab VR Notes in Actions