Whether you’re an architect looking to convert your high quality visualizations into an immersive scene or you’re a mechanical engineer that interested in virtual manufacturing, we promise that virtual reality will be your next biggest technology thing.

Using VR for Architectural and Mechanical Visualization

Here’s some of the benefits of using VR in the architecture and mechanical industry:

  • The cost of adopting VR technology is relatively low
  • Competitive advantage
  • Producing real-world scenarios
  • Designing optimal mechanisms
  • Evaluating the solution’s feasibility

At Simlab, we always try to build softwares that will help you as a designer and engineer to innovate and make the best out of your 3D and CAD technology. With our Simlab Composer VR edition, you can integrate and build VR experiences out of your 3D models, in a very easy and efficient way.

SimLab Composer is a complete 3D visualization and simulation solution for Architects, Mechanical and Interior designers. One package for Rendering, Animating, 3D PDF, Texture backing, advanced Scene composition, and now VR.

Use Simlab Composer to create the best VR scenes, collaborate with clients, promote your company, and increase revenue.

You can download and try Simlab Composer from here. Next you can check our general VR tutorials playlist on youtube here, or you can check out the following series of tutorials that teaches the user how to show mechanical models in an interactive VR experience. In this experience the user can show animation, simulation, light options and material options.

So if you’re in the architecture and mechanical design industry and haven’t stepped into the VR world, this is the best time to gain competitive advantage and be ahead of an enormously important industry technology.