After downloading SimLab Composer, the user needs to get and register a license.

The three types of licenses offered by SimLab, and how to request/register them are described below.

The user can request a free trial license to test SimLab Composer, and to make sure it works well with her/his models. The Trial license unlocks all the capabilities of the SimLab Composer.

A Trial license automatically expires after 21 days of requesting the license

To get a free trial license the user should do the following:

  • Download and start SimLab Composer

  • SimLab License dialog will appear.

  • Click the Get Free Trial button, and the dialog will change.
  • SimLab Trial License 1

  • Click the Request a trial license button.

  • Fill the fields of Name, Email and Company. The license will be automatically generated and sent to the user by email.
  • Check the features in SimLab Composer you want to include in the trial license. click Request License.
  • Then click the Request License button

  • If you have a valid internet connection, your request will be sent and the trial license will be sent to the provided e-mail address.
  • Incase you get an invalid network connection, then with the infomation filled in the dialog click the Copy to clipboard button.
  • Send the copied data to

Upon receiving the license:

  • Start SimLab Composer 9.1, to launch the License Dialog

  • Again click the Get Free Trial button.
  • SimLab Trial License 1

  • Click I already received the license file (*.sl).
    Then browse to the license file, and select it.

  • SimLab Trial License 5

If you faced any problem during this process, you can use the following manual process

  • Start SimLab Composer

  • Click Get Free Trial button

  • Click Request a Trial license

  • Fill the fields of Name, Company and Email, then click Copy to Clipboard.

  • Compose a new e-mail message and paste in the information copied from the licensing dialog, then send it to

Upon buying a professional license the user will receive a software key that can be used for activating the SimLab Composer, as shown below.

  • Start SimLab Composer, to launch the License Dialog

  • Click Activate.

  • Click I Already received a software key.

  • Fill the fields of Name, Company, Email and Software key, then click Activate.
    If you have a valid net connection the Professional license will be activated automatically..

If you faced any problem during this process, you can use the following manual process

  • Click the Copy to clipboard button in the license dialog

  • Create an e-mail and paste the copied information in it

  • Send the e-mail to ""

  • Upon receiving the software key follow the steps described above for activation

Floating licenses are suitable for a group of users who wants to share the application. The floating license needs to be installed on a stable server machine, accessible by the application users. Users can check out licenses from the server, equal to the number of licenses bought and installed. Once a license is checked out by a user, it can be used continuously without interruption. Other users can use the license as soon as the first user checks it back in.

System administrator should contact to receive information for installing and configuring SimLab Floating server.