Upcoming Live Events

VR Collaboration Demo

Try the latest VR technology yourself, we will go through SimLab VR Collaboration, and walk together inside VR sessions, we are going to interact with each other, grab and move objects, perform some actions and have fun as well.

Introducing VR Studio

We are going to walk you through the magic behind VR creation using SimLab VR Studio, and how easy it is to set up your scene, add interactivity, and share your first interactive VR experience.

VR For Medical Institutions

Discover how virtual reality is transforming medical education and training. SimLab Soft invites you to a webinar where we'll showcase our cutting-edge software platform designed for medical trainees and educators.

VR For Educational Institutions

During this live session we will explore the use of VR in educational institutions and discuss how it can be implemented to immerse students in the world of learning. In addition, we will demonstrate our software and showcase features relevant to education.

LMS/Integration Introduction

We're so excited to Discuss VR integration with LMS systems while having the ability to have quizzes, surveys, and user tracking modes! Students at schools, universities, and training centers are one of our major end users worldwide!

Vocational VR Session

In this live session, we will explore the ultimate application of VR technology in vocational training and education using thousands of ready-to-use 3D models, tools, or even your own assets!

VR For Presentations

Unleash the power of presentations in VR with SimLab Soft! Join our webinar to explore how to create amazing VR presentation with our no-code VR creation software, create engaging and interactive presentations that captivate your audience.

Resellers/Affiliate Live Session

Become a reseller for SimLab Soft and you will be able to sell VR solutions, VR services, training, and Collaboration upgrades.

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1 to 1 Meetings

Book the time it suits you for a short meeting to help get started with any of our products.