Animation is what adds life to 3D models. The animation workbench in SimLab-Composer allows the user to easily create the following types of animation:

  • Object Movement
  • Hide/Show
  • Material animation
  • Camera animation
  • Light animation


Animation Tutorial

This is a tutorial showing how you can use SimLab Composer to add animation to an existing 3D model.
The tutorial shows different methods for creating animation, including creating key frames, and following a path.

  Robot Animation

This animation output shows the ability of mixing animation and simulation capabilities of SimLab Composer to generate advanced animation like the welding process performed by a robot shown in the video. If you want to learn the process of creating similar animation, click the following link. Learn more


Assembly Manual

Another example showing how to use Animations to create animated assembly manuals for end users.
The following link shows the process of creating assembly manuals in SimLab Composer.

 VR With Animation

Sequences and animations:

SimLab Composer makes it easy to create sequences and animations and to add them as actions on 3D objects.


Interactive animation:

SimLab Composer gives the user the ability to convert any sequence into an interactive animation. Interactive animation allows the user to control the animation by grabbing an object in the scene.


  • Creating an animated rendered movie.
  • Generating an animated 3D PDF file.
  • Exporting an animated WebGL
  • Creating a walkthrough for architectural models

It is very easy to create animations in SimLab-Composer by utilizing auto keyframes, all what you need to do is to set current frame to any frame other than 0, then to make a change like moving an object, or applying a new material, and you will have the keyframes automatically added.

  • Presence of pre-defined animations, which allows you to simply apply them on selected object or camera. They are as follows:
    * Object animations such as Round Table, Wheel Animation, and Follow Path.
    * Camera animations such as Round Table, Helical, and Director Record.
  • Director Record is a tool that allows you to directly shooting a scene by switching among multiple cameras or views during recording.
  • You are able to create your own key frame animations.
  • Animation in SimLab Composer cover objects, cameras, lights, materials, and appearance.
  • Animation Workbench provides you with the Time-line, which is a tool to visualize, play, scale and edit animation key frames.
  • Walk-through is a very cool feature that lets you create and record full motion video tours of a location, by taking a virtual walk-through-tour around the scene freely and interactively using the keyboard keys.
  • Animation Workbench is able to create videos of several formats from sequential rendered images using the Movie Maker tool. It also adds audio files to the generated movies.
  • SimLab-Composer supports other controllers and peripherals, rather than keyboards, such as using Space Navigator (3D Mouse) in Walk-through mode to navigate and fly through 3D environments at the application run-time.