VR Catalogs

What is VR Catalogs?

VR Catalogs is an available feature in SimLabís Free VR Viewer that gives the user the ability to access some catalogs of 3D models while in VR experience.
These 3D models can be used to complete the VR scene and build them while in VR experience by downloading the selected model and arrange it in real-time rather than going back and forth between SimLab Composer and the Free VR Viewer.
They also can be used for discovering some 3D choices and reviewing different designs within the same environment inside VR experience.

VR Catalogs tutorial

Each VR scene (.vrpackage) can be connected with many catalogs as we want.

We can define which catalogs are included in the VR settings for each (.sim) file we are working on using the ultimate version of SimLab Composer before exporting it into the VR scene (.vrpackage).

You can include local and online catalogs.

VR scene (.vrpackage)

VR User


VR Catalogs can be useful for different types of designers.

It can be useful for the USER who is just interested in using some existing catalogs in his/her VR creation process as assets. It also can be so useful for the CREATOR who is interested in building his/her own catalogs in VR.

VR Creator


VR Viewer and complete building for scene  inside the VR experience

For Users

The user can include any available local or online catalogs to any scene on SimLab Composer, then he can access them on the VR Viewer and complete building his/her scene while inside the VR experience.

Itís a very unique way to complete building your scene and fill all the empty areas with advanced and interactive models also lights.

Models With Actions

VR and Lights


VR for Creators

For Creators

The creator can gain a lot from this technology, such as, she/he can create her/his own catalogs of models then upload them on his/her own server.
He/she can also give the accessibility for the potential clients for viewing purposes through sharing the VR scenes connecting to those catalogs.
These catalogs are an editable library of 3D models that can be connected to the VR experiences through a link.
VR Catalogs can help a manufacturer to review her/his models in a very unique way. Also, by making her/his clients engage with the models in a modern and well-designed VR environment.

Creating VR Catalog

Creating VR Catalog can be very simple; by just selecting the folder which contains all the models, selecting an image and defining the name of the catalog.

Note: All models should be VRpackaged (.vrpackage file format)

Creating VR Catalog

Creating VR Catalog List

A list of catalogs also can be created to help the creator organize her/his catalogs.
Different catalogs from different places can be included into one list which can be added to any VR scene by a single step.

Creating VR Catalog List

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Using VR Catalogs TutorialUsing VR Catalogs Tutorial

Creating VR Catalogs TutorialCreating VR Catalogs Tutorial