Virtual Reality

SimLabSoft AR/VR Support :

Do you have a great idea for a new virtual reality or augmented reality application?
Through the years, SimLab Soft developed a great infrastructure that can help you accelerate the development of your application, an infrastructure that can help deliver product faster, with better quality, and will allow you to focus on the user experience rather than that common infrastructure functionality, Check What SimLab Soft has to offer in helping you.
We understand AR/VR and we want to help you succeed.

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Virtual Reality

  • SimLab-SDK

    The SDK will allow you to provide support for importing/exporting a large number of file formats for a fraction of the cost of developing those importers or licensing them from another source.
    Check the updated list of 3D file formats that you can access to through licensing SimLab-SDK

  • Animated FBX

    FBX may be the standard way for communicating 3D models to AR/VR applications, this is due to the compact size of the file, the availibility of an SDK to work with, its support of tree hierarchy.
    When working with SimLab Soft, we will give you the ability to get an FBX ready for AR/VR and which also includes animations to add behaviors of your objects, we support creating animations, or importing them from different applications like SolidWorks and SolidEdge.

  • Support for Unity & Unreal Engines

    SimLab 3D formats can be used with both Unity and Unreal engines safely and with full compatibility.

  • SimLab-Composer

    Get access to our affordable and complete 3D visualization solution to create 3D scenes, and animations for your next 3D VR project.

  • OEM/Branded Composer

    If you enjoyed using SimLab-Composer and you believe that it is the right tool for your clients, we can work with you on providing a new OEM/Branded version of SimLab-Composer ready to be distributed with your application.

  • CAD Plugins

    Do you need to create CAD specific plugins, that facilitate moving 3D models, and provide access to your application from inside major 3D / CAD Applications? Check the large number of plugins developed by SimLab Soft, and let us know how we can help you in creating new CAD plugins for your application .

  • Custom 3D files

    Did you create a new 3D file format specific for your application needs?
    We will be glad to work with you on adding support of this file format to the SDK and to SimLab-Composer.

To Learn More About the Capabilities of SimLab-VR Support, Contact Us .