VR Training for Firefighters  

While others run away from danger, firefighters run toward it to save lives. VR-based training should help them go through different scenarios that will play an important role in quick decisions needed to save lives, in addition to firefighting VR training, emergency VR training can be created for firefighters.
They can train individually or in a team. When creating fire fighting scenarios in VR Studio, you can add randomness (both controlled and automatic) to the experience, to make sure trainees are always vigilant through training.

VR For inspection  

A safety inspection is one of the tasks that is performed by members of the fire fighting department, VR training can help trainees learn inspection tasks, and perform them in different scenarios, and tests can be performed to insure that students learned inspection tasks, and that benefit of VR training was achieved.


To enter the world of VR and have the most benefits of this technology in fire fighting. You can use the SimLab VR platform, a complete set of VR tools for creating, viewing, distributing, and collaborating.

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