VR Game creation  VR Game creation

The SimLab team developed a realistic multiplayer VR chess game, focusing on minimal yet effective tools for an enjoyable experience. Pieces move to the center of squares and captured opponent pieces move to the side. Resetting the board is made simple with one click. Additionally, the game allows cheating, enabling players to enjoy matches with familiar opponents even if they are physically apart.

Interactive educational games  Interactive educational games

Teachers can use existing educational games or work with students on creating new ones based on the material they are covering, sample math educational games available for free in SimLab VR Viewer include Quick math lab, and Fraction game. The games will align game playing with emphasizing important skills.

VR Game creation  VR Game creation

VR Games go beyond entertainment, SimLab VR platform makes it easy to create an engaging game that can be used to spread a brand, train new employees, help patients, and introduce new products and concepts. With a few clicks, you can use the SimLab VR platform to create an engaging single or multiple-player game.


To enter the world of VR and have the most benefits of this technology in game creation and entertainment. You can use the SimLab VR platform, a complete set of VR tools for creating, viewing, distributing, and collaborating.

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