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Medical VR

  SimLab Medical VR Advantages

SimLab Soft offers profossors and students of medicine the ability to engage in medical VR to learn anatomy, and train on surgical procedures and medical inspections accurately in an immersive multi-user environment, which eliminates the need to rely on cadavors and patients with medical conditions to observe symptoms or perform surgeries

Coming Soon

  •   Anthropometrics Inspection
  •   The upper limb Repair
  •   The lower limb Repair
  •   The cerebellum
  •   Gait
  •   Locomotor Systems


  Learning and performing Surgery in VR

SimLab VR can aid in learning surgical procedures by providing immersive and interactive virtual reality experiences. Users can explore lifelike 3D models of the human body, dissect and study various anatomical structures, and visualize complex systems from different angles, as well as perform surgeries on virtual models. This hands-on approach enhances spatial understanding and retention, making performing surgeries more engaging and effective.

Coming Soon

  •   Suturing
  •   Wound care and wound dressings

Customized VR Experience

SimLab Soft crafts customized VR experiences for medical devices and facilities. These tailored simulations enhance design, testing, and training processes, fostering innovation in healthcare development.


  Training Nurses and in VR

SimLab VR stands as an essential tool in nurse training, providing immersive virtual reality simulations that enhance skills, decision-making, and teamwork. Through realistic scenarios and hands-on practice, nurses develop expertise in handling diverse medical situations within a safe, controlled environment.

Coming Soon

  •   IM, SubQ and ID injections
  •   Local anesthetics
  •   Basic oxygen therapy administration
  •   NG tubes
  •   Swabs
  •   Venipuncturing


  Training EMS personnels in VR

SimLab VR revolutionizes EMS training through immersive virtual reality experiences specifically designed for real-life emergency situations. These simulations empower professionals, enhancing their decision-making skills and situational awareness. By providing realistic, high-pressure scenarios, SimLab VR equips EMS personnel with the expertise needed to respond effectively, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Coming Soon

  •   Diabetes and diabetic emergencies
  •   Correct hand washing procedure
  •   ABCDE assessment

Devices and Facilities

  Medical Devices and facilities planning in VR

SimLab VR is a game-changer in the design of medical devices and facilities, offering a dynamic platform for immersive experiences. Designers can prototype medical devices, allowing real-time testing and refinement before production. In the realm of facility planning, architects and healthcare experts can explore layouts and enhance workflow efficiency. This technology streamlines the design process, ensuring that medical devices and facilities are optimized for functionality, patient comfort, and efficient healthcare delivery

Create Medical VR Experience Yourself

With SimLab VR Studio, users can confidently create personalized medical VR experiences. The user-friendly nature and code-free design allow for easy learning and accessibility, completely removing the necessity for 3D design or coding skills. Embrace this powerful tool to construct immersive virtual reality simulations professionally.


Through SimLab VR Collaboration, teachers are able to invite multiple students to the same Medical VR Experience in an online session where they are able to interact with each other and the objects surrounding them in a safe simulated environment.

SimLab VR Collaboration Features



Custom Avatar

Voice Chat

SimLab Medical VR Collaboration Demo

Using The Hand Tracking feature, the user is able to use his hands to interact with objects instead of the VR controllers on supported devices.

Customized Hand Tracking

In addition to the basic grabbing and triggering using your own hands, SimLab VR is able to specify which part of your hand would be used in interactions.

In the example to the left, the index and the middle finger as well as the tip of the thumb in the left hand are used for a specific interaction and not the whole hand.

SimLab Medical feature Hand Tracking Demo

Haptic feedback increases immersion and adds a physical cue to interactions in SimLab VR resulting in more awareness by the user.

Haptic Feedback utilization

Haptic Feedback can be used as a response for user-specified interactions or as a cue to alert users to certain events.
Haptic Feedback properties can be customized for each intance to augment the experience further by specifying which hand vibrates, the intensity of the vibration, its frequency and duration.

SimLab Medical feature Haptic Demo

SimLab VR facilitates realistic locomotion animation for 3D human models within the VR experience. This feature enables users to observe and analyze human models in diverse medical scenarios, as the models move and pose authentically.


Through Skeletal Animation, SimLab VR Platform is able to import and create animation for charachters and organic models in general, then convert those animations to interactive components that would drive the virtual model upon the user's request or interaction.

SimLab Medical feature Locomotion Demo

In synergy with locomotory animation, SimLab VR also enables soft tissue animation through Morphing (BlendShapes).

Morphing Applications

This functionality enables users to simulate diverse palpation techniques, varying in location, intensity, and the instrument used, by deforming the skin upon pressure. It enhances the immersive experience greatly during interacting with the virtual model.

SimLab Medical feature Palpation Morph Demo

SimLab VR has a an integrated system that allows the support of multiple languages in the same VR Experience.

Language specific elements

The VR Experience designer is able to define the elements of the VR Experience that would change upon switching languages.
Language selection can positively impact elements such as audio playback, text messages, user interface, and images. Additionally, it allows users to designate specific models tailored for a particular language, enhancing the overall user experience

SimLab Medical feature Voice Command Demo

Voice commands can be relayed through a microphone or a VR headset, and based on the voice commands given by the user, events and responses will be triggered which might include the reaction of the virtual human model to the users requests.

Multiple commands in different languages

Various phrasings and alternative commands can be utilized to elicit the same response in the VR experience, accommodating a wide range of user requests and ensuring a more versatile interaction.
Voice commands can also be implemented in different languages in the same VR experience, which enhances inclusivity and allows users to interact seamlessly in their preferred language, fostering a more immersive and user-friendly environment.

SimLab Medical feature Languages Demo