Crime investigation training in VR  VR Training for Doctors

This immersive opportunity offers crime investigators the chance to actively participate in the investigation process at a crime scene. They will be provided with the choice to visit the scene, where they can meticulously undertake essential tasks such as finalizing the scene, meticulously documenting observations, and proficiently collecting a diverse array of evidential materials.

Mastering Parking Ticket Enforcement in a Virtual World  VR Training for Doctors

Virtual reality technology is utilized in police training for parking enforcement, allowing new officers to undergo immersive experiences that simulate real-world scenarios, enabling them to develop the skills necessary for identifying parking violations and issuing tickets accurately


To enter the world of VR and have the most benefits of this technology in medical traiaing. You can use the SimLab VR platform, a complete set of VR tools for creating, viewing, distributing, and collaborating.

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