VR Presentations With Collaboration VR Presentations

Step into a virtual exhibition format that brings your audience closer to your offerings like never before. With VR, clients can interact with your products and sales staff as if they were in a real exhibition space. Say goodbye to presentation limitations as VR opens up endless possibilities for showcasing your products and ideas. Incorporating VR into your presentations and leave a lasting impression and increase your chances of closing deals.

Utilizing PowerPoint and PDF in VR Presentations VR Presentations

Utilize 2D presentations you created over the years in your new VR presentations. You will automatically get a functional presentation in few clicks. You can link your slide show with 3D elements to create a memorable presentation.

Mini UN VR experience (climate change vote) VR Presentations

Immerse yourself in captivating and dynamic presentations with our intuitive no-code VR creation software. Step into the world of the Mini UN debate on climate change, where participants from diverse locations engage in real-time discourse within a virtual space powered by SimLab VR Studio and VR Collaboration. With the lifelike 3D models at your disposal, captivating audiences and fostering a deeper understanding of complex concepts, our software enables interactive voting, capturing valuable insights and opinions from participants.

VR Presentations   VR Presentations

VR Presentation does not need to be a simple replacement for current presentations it can add much more. Using the SimLab VR platform you can easily create interactive presentations with animated slides, and videos, you can invite participants directly, or share an invitation link. Also, you will be able to convert any 3D model into an interactive element that you can use in the generated VR presentation.


To enter the world of VR and have the most benefits of this technology in presentations. You can use the SimLab VR platform, a complete set of VR tools for creating, viewing, distributing, and collaborating.

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