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What's the difference between 360Image and 360Grid ?!

360 Image

A 360 or a panorama image, is a special type of image that allows the user to experience being inside a 3D scene, the user can view the scene on a mobile, or using Facebook or other viewers.

360 Grid

A 360 Grid is a group of multiple 360 images of the same scene connected in one file. It removes the limitation of a normal 360 image which does not allow you to move in the scene, it makes it possible to easily generate and render a set of multiple 360 cameras and allows you to move in the scene to view objects from different sides. It can be shared on websites, VR viewers, PCs and smartphones.

360 images are Ready to be shared on Facebook, website, smartphone, and VR Viewer.

Simple creation Steps...

Import your models and complete building your scene

Add VR (360) cameras to different spots in the scene

render all cameras in one button

Save and share your 360s

save individual images as PNG,JPG or EXR.

save the 360Grid in html and vrpackage files.


How to render and share 360 Images

How to render and share 360 Grids